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About Us

We are a group of like minded individuals who have seen to many uneducated people be taken advantage of, miss opportunities to find what they are looking for, or simply looking for something else.

Popular Platforms

we have done research for some of the major platforms

We have invested time and energy into researching some of the major platforms where good and bad things happen on a daily basis. Our community idea is to share what we and others and learnt while using these platforms that hold our information, we would like to broadcast them to our community to ensure that people are aware of the potential danger, as well as become educated on how to prevent being taken advantage of. 

Some Important Facts

Below are some stats that can effect the way we think about technology, how we use it, who is watching us, who can hack into these said devices.

What drives us

We always go the extra mile to create available information for everyone to share.

Our Mission

Our mission is to allow the voices of the community to be heard. Sharing the wealth of knowledge will assist in educating everyone ​

Our Vision

Our vision is to have the leading information and discussion board on everything technology based to raise awareness to anyone who reads, blogs, or updates the information. We will have the availability for General topics, how ever primary focus is on technology, and social media.

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